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 ASJapan 【Asia Skateboard-Japan】


・ 今までにない、スケートボードでの個性溢れる魅せるエンターテイメントイベントを開催します。
・ 参加しても、また観てるだけでも楽しめる、高い品質のイベントを行います。
・ 日本・アジア・そして世界へ、スケーターを国際舞台へ導きます。
・ スケートボードをプロフェッショナルな職業として確立させます。







WCS(world cup skateboarding) , AXF (Asia extreme sports federation) ISF(International Skateboarding Federation), KXF (Korea extreme action sports federation) "

ASJapan :小川元 (公式ブログはこちら



Asia skateboard-japan is an organization for the purpose of impart a skateboard to the world on 2008.
I am Gen ogawa,the president of ASJ is a top pro vertical skateboarder in japan. I want to that make use of my skateboard life's experience for something . Then, I decided to use it for the japanese and asian skate industry.

The ASJ think that will do "3ways".

The first,the ASJ is connected with some asian skateboard associations and WCS.So that we use the connections for take to the japanese skateboarder in all the world. On the other hand,we will impart an abroad imformation to them.
Next,ASJ will help to develop the asian vert skaters talent. We will go to every place where the skateboard is. an evevt, a school...
At last, ASJ will produce a skateboard jam session . It's for not only a skateboarder,but also An audience. while energizing new fans and elevating the skaters to new heights.

This is what ASJ want to do. And then, this will be help to spread to the skateboard world.

If you want to contact to japanese skateboard industry,skateboard press or just help about skateboard. And if you need a japanese skateboarder in own country (event,contest) we could line up the skateboarders . please let us know.We could asist for you as we could.

thank you.

ASJapan? since SEP 2008

Gen ogawa

asj.skateboard@gmail.com @→@(半角に変えてください)

ASJapan office
3-36-13-401 Horikiri Katsushika Tokyo JAPAN
asj.skateboard@gmail.com @→@


代表:小川元  Gen Ogawa    / 役員:奥野卓哉  Takuya Okuno 

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